The Belt That's Becoming The Must-Have Holiday Gift of the Year

From TV's to the latest phones, holiday shopping can be an expensive endeavor. But with a wave of consumers looking for more affordable gift options, our belts have become the talk of the town.

Why though? What makes Trono any different than other belt brands?

Holiday shoppers across the US are trying to get their hands on our Stretch-To-Fit Belts. From high-end golfers to casual street wear, Trono is flying off the shelves and onto the outfits of thousands of consumers.

The Trono Story

Trono (the Spanish word for throne) was born from an idea thought up by founder Tom Rhodes while living in Andalucia, Spain in 2019. During his daily commute walking through the streets of Malaga and Sevilla, he noticed loads and loads of individuals wearing these intricately woven belts. From sophisticated businessmen to the local farmers, these belts were everywhere. The braided pattern allowed for a diverse array of designs on the belts, so no matter the person's look there was an option for them.

He decided to try the belts out himself and instantly noticed how comfortable the elastic braids made the belts. They would adjust throughout the day, regardless of what he was doing. After experiencing discomfort from the traditional leather belt, he transitioned to wearing the woven belts he'd found full time. Once he returned to the US, he saw the need for an elastic belt option here in the states and began working to create the Spanish-inspired Trono brand.

He loved the traditional woven belt option offered in southern Spain, but he knew the product could be improved. After several months of working closely with the threading manufacturers and going through an intense design process, he created Trono's signature Stretch-To-Fit belt. The belt that can be stretched to fit up to a 42" waist size and adjusts to you while you wear it.

After launching the brand in December 2021, the belts have been a huge hit with thousands of customers across the United States. One customer raved "These belts are amazing! I've not seen belts like this anywhere else!", and another shared "I love my Trono Belt. It looks good, is comfortable, and the stretch makes it super easy to adjust".

What makes Trono Belts so special?

Trono created a lot of buzz particularly within the golf world following their launch in 2021 for their one size woven belts that guaranteed top tier comfort and flexibility.

Stretch-To-Fit Technology

Over the past decade or two, cut to size belts have been the trend of the industry. Whether you cut the belt too short, or perhaps you moved up a waist size and the belt no longer fits you, more and more issues arose with the cut to size idea. Luckily in 2021, Trono innovated the one size belt space through their next generation Stretch To Fit technology. Trono created a special blend of polyester and rubber into their belts' material that allows the belt to not only stretch as it's worn, but to be stretched to longer lengths.

The process is simple, for individuals below a 36 inch waist size, the belt will fit you as it comes. If you are between a 36-42" waist, all that's needed to get the belt to the length you need is to wrap the belt around your back with one end of the belt in each hand and pull it forward for several minutes until a comfortable fit is reached. The belt will stay at the longer length so no need to worry that it will shrink back down and you'll have to stretch it again. The belt also molds itself to you as you wear it to achieve an even more comfortable feel.

50 styles... and more to come

The Trono Belts team soon realized how important accessories are to an individual's personality. Whether your look is classy or flashy, they wanted to offer designs that would tailor to even the most unique styles. With 15+ new designs lined up for early 2024 and the existing 40+ designs Trono already offers, they have new options constantly introduced for their diverse list of customers. Looking for a classy solid black belt? They've got you covered. Have a yellow, blue, and white outfit you're hoping to tie together? Look no further. Trono Belts offers every style under the sun.

It's easy to see why Trono Belts is becoming one of the must-have products of 2023.

Hailed as "The Best Travel Belt"

World traveler? Lots of flights for work? Trono knows keeping your suitcase compact can be tricky, but luckily for you their belts make that process as easy as ever. Instead of worrying about a bulky belt you have to wind up a certain way and make room for in your suitcase, the elasticity of Trono's belts let you fold them, twist them, or roll them any way you need. Want to bring more than one to match your outfits throughout your itinerary? That is no problem with Trono Belts. Their customers love traveling with our product with one sharing, "I've never had a better travel belt. They squeeze perfectly in my suitcase wherever I need them."

Designed with golf in mind

Tom Rhodes, the creator of the Stretch To Fit belt has always been hugely involved in the golf world. When he founded Trono, he wanted to make sure the belt could be effectively used as a performance golf belt. Belts are a major part of a golfer's attire and ties together their fashion and game. When he integrated Stretch-To-Fit technology into the design of our belts, he knew the belts would be a perfect way to complement both the range of motion needed while golfing and the unique styles seen on the golf course. Looking for your next golf belt? Trono Belts has got you covered.

Where can I get Trono Belts?

Trono's signature Stretch To Fit belts are sold on their website and at a few exclusive retailers across Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. However right now they are offering a Buy One Get One Free sale on their own site.

*Update: Following recent social media buzz from their BOGO Free sale, Trono Belts has had a much higher volume of sales coming in. Due to its popularity, many belt styles may have a limited amount of stock left, so the company urges customers to act fast as to not miss out on the largest selection of available styles. Please check their website to see if stock is currently available.

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