Trono Belts Announces New Suspenders Product Line

Spring brings with it a lot of things... blossoming flowers, plentiful rain showers, and the hope for warmer weather. But one thing most didn't expect Spring to bring this year is the latest pivot in Trono Belts' brand strategy that comes with the announcement of their upcoming product line.

The Utah brand based out of Kaysville, found approximately 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City, announced this morning their plans to shift gears from their focus on current product offerings into a completely different market. That market just so happens to be suspenders of all things. An interesting decision to say the least considering they've began to establish themselves as a popular belt brand within the golf industry since their launch in late 2021.

Following the announcement by the brand, owner Tom Rhodes shared in a tweet, "We are very excited for this move to take place. We feel that suspenders are coming back in a huge way, and not just in the business space or as an accessory for the typical farm fit. Over the next year we expect suspenders to become an even more popular accessory than belts in both casual and formal fashion."

Trono has released a handful of concept images and sneak peeks (shown above) which display a variety of suspender styles shown in a more business setting. It will be interesting to see their anticipated patterns that are meant for more "casual" attire.

The brand has not provided a release date for the suspenders product line, but the price is expected to be a tad bit more than their belt line at around $299. This news may come as a huge surprise for Trono Belts fans, but luckily for belt lovers, it is April 1 and this is just a prank.

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